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Predictions by Ghazi Munajim

Ghazi Abdul Yawar (Ghazi Munajim) was born in 1922. He was an expert astrologer as well as a spiritual personality and his predictions were published in many Pakistani Newspapers. He died in November, 2012 at the age of 90.

Ghazi Munajam said in a press conference in Rawalpindi on April 27, 2009 that the countries where names of the prophets are not mentioned with proper protocol are going to face a large-scale destruction in the near future. he said letters have been sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and US President Barack Obama warning them to develop a protocol to ensure sanctity of all the prophets of God.

He said he had also written letters in the past to Arch Bishop Canterbury, Pope Benedict XVI and others and informed them that names of the prophets are often not mentioned with proper protocol in speeches and discussions at various forums. 

He said those elements that are trying to disintegrate Pakistan must know that God created it and no one has the ability to make any damage to it. Ghazi Munajam said he wrote a book titled ‘Pakistan: A Country of God’ in which it was mentioned that any one who would try to disintegrate it itself would dash to the ground.

He also referred to his prediction after the Dhaka fall in which he said that India would not be able to attack Pakistan in future. Ghazi said he also predicted soon after the start of the Afghan war that the USSR would disintegrate and at that time most of the people were not ready to give his prediction any serious thought. 

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Hazrat Bagh Hussain Kamal (R.A.) also mentioned him in one of his lectures, published in book "Khutbat-e-Kamal.

Predictions of Ghazi Munajim from his book "Mehdi Maseeh Ki Sadi":

Some Excerpts from book "Ghazi Hazaar Paishangoyaan-o-Mashwaray"

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Aitmaad Kis Pr Kren (An Article by Saleem Yazdani)

Published in Daily Jang on 23rd February 2013
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Na Samjho Gy Tu Mit Jao Gy (An Article by Anwar Ghazi)

Published in Daily Jang on 23rd February 2013
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Decision (An Article by Dr. Shahid Masood)

Published in Daily Jang on 21st February 2013
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Monday, 18 February 2013

These Few People (An Article by Orya Maqbool Jan)

Published in Daily Dunya on 18th February 2013
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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Majzoob and Kashmir

Published in Daily Express on 8th February 2013
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Prediction by Prof. Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi

Hazrat Allama Professor Muhammad Maqsood Elahi Naqshbandi was born on 1st October, 1955 in Haroonabad District Bahawalnagar. He passed M.Sc.in Chemistry from Sindh University. Later he was selected as lecturer in Chemistry in Government Degree Science and Commerce College Orangi Karachi.He served there for about nine years. Then he was transferred to Inter College North Karachi, where he has been serving as the Head of Chemistry Department since then. He took Bait at the hand of a Sheikh-e-Kamil, Kutab-e-Zaman Hazrat Allah Baksh Ghafari رحمته الله عليه known as ‘Sohna Sian’ in 1975.

He said in an Annual Gathering in Karachi on 8th Oct 2011, "The leadership and control of affairs concerning Islam and Jihad have been given to Pakistan Army. The time is very near when you are going to see it with your own eyes. The Man who is about to come, will descend like the wrath of Allah. He will have green eyes. Listen! When this green eyed Mujahid will raise his eye, by Allah! No oppressor could continue with his oppression!"


Reference: Islami Roohani Mission 
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Monday, 11 February 2013

2.5 Thousand or 2.5 Crore (An Article by Orya Maqbool Jan)

Published in Daily Dunya on 11th February 2013
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Khitta Ishq-e-Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)

Published in Daily Nawa-i-waqt on 28th January 2013
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Friday, 8 February 2013

Spiritual Importance of Quaid-e-Azam-V

Source: Seerat-Un-Nabi (S.A.W) Baad Az Wissal-Un-Nabi (S.A.W), Part 4 by Abdul Majeed Siddiqui
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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Signs of Qayamah (English Translation)

Imran Nazar Hosein was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 from parents whose ancestors had migrated as indentured labourer from India. He is a graduate of the Aleemiyah Institute in Karachi and has studied at sevaral instutions of higher learning including the University of Karachi,the University of the West Indies, Al Azhar University and the Graduate Institute of International Relations in Switzerland. He worked for several years as a Foreign Service Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago but gave up his job in 1985 to devote his life to the mission of Islam. He lived in New York for ten years during which time he served as the Director of Islamic Studies for the Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations of Greater New York. He lectured on Islam in several American and Canadian universities, colleges, churches, synagogues, prisons, community halls, etc. He also participated in many inter-faith dialogues with Christian and Jewish scholars while representing Islam in USA. He was the Imam, for sometime, at Masjid Dar al-Qur'an in Long Island, New York. He also led the weekly Juma'ah prayers and delivered the sermon at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan once a month for ten years continuously. He is a former Principal of the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachi, Pakistan, Director of Research of the World Muslim Congress in Karachi, Pakistan, Director of the Islamic Institute for Education and Research in Miami, Florida, and Director of D'awah for Tanzeem-e-Islami of North America. Below are some excerpts from his book "An Islamic View of Gog and Magog".

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Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) said:
“The world is like a garment torn from end to end and hanging by a thread that would soon be cut off.” (Sunan Baihaqī)

A grasp of the subject of ‘Signs of the Last Day’, or more precisely ‘Last Hour’, in which Dajjal  the false Messiah and Gog and Magog are located, is crucially important for a number of reasons. Most important of all, it allows Islamic scholarship to expose the inadequacy of all rivals – secular and religious, internal
and external – when they seek to explain the strategic, political, economic, religious and spiritual reality of today’s corrupted and collapsing world characterized by universal Fasad.

Can all of these events be occurring by accident?

A grasp of the subject, ‘Signs of the Last Day’, allows a believer to so penetrate reality to be capable of responding appropriately to many other unique and mysterious events unfolding in this strange age. That grasp of reality would explain:

1. Contemporary globalization in which all of mankind is being absorbed into one essentially godless and decadent global society;

2. The emergence of world government and a universal political dictatorship which makes a mockery of state sovereignty;

3. An interconnected global usury-based economy that spawns unprecedented permanent global poverty and unheard of permanent wealth;

4. A bogus and fraudulent international monetary system of non-redeemable paper currencies which makes it possible for some to fraudulently enrich themselves at the expense of others when they thus create wealth out of nothing. In addition, when currencies lose their (fictitious) value they cause the loss of the many to become the gain of the few;

5. The imminent establishment of a new international monetary system of one global cashless electronic currency, controlled by a universal centrally-controlled banking system subservient to the State of Israel;

6. A feminist revolution transforming the ‘night’ (symbolizing the female) into ‘day’ and in the process causing the disintegration of the family;

7. Mega sporting and entertainment extravaganzas such as Olympic Games, World Cup football and cricket, Miss World and Miss Universe beauty contests and US Presidential elections that function as brilliantly conceived and designed distractions which effectively detract attention from the ominous reality of the modern age; 

8. Television (including Islamic cable) that distorts reality and brainwashes those who uncritically absorb lies and in the case of Islamic cable television it’s 5% of skillfully delivered poison, etc.

Can all of these events be occurring by accident? If not, what is it that explains them?
It is by far the most important event remaining to occur in history and is now so close that children now at school should live to witness it.

Prophet Muhammad’s (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) Ahadīth on the subject indicate that before the true Messiah can return, Dajjāl the false Messiah must first be released into the world and must then complete his mission of impersonation of the true Messiah. As a  logical consequence, Dajjāl would have to attempt to rule the world from Jerusalem and to then declare “I am the Messiah”. Only at that time, and not before, can Jesus the true Messiah return to this world to confront, expose and destroy Dajjāl. Only then can he pray to Allah, as prophesied by Prophet Muhammad, to bring an end to the evil world-order of Y’ajūj (i.e. Gog) and M’ajūj (i.e. Magog).

It is this system of meaning which allows us to recognize Dajjāl as the mastermind who brought this Gog and Magog world order into being to function as the basic instrument for achieving his rule over the world. Dajjāl launched his attacks medieval European Crusades quite some time ago to eventually gain control over the Holy Land, restore a State of Israel in that Holy Land, and establish Pax Judaica i.e. a universal messianic Israeli dictatorship over all of mankind. He could not do this without destroying the Islamic Caliphate (Khilāfah). He has been using his people (i.e. Gog and Magog) from the very commencement of his mission to fight his battles for him. .

We have previously explained in ‘Surah al-Kahf and the Modern Age’ that this Surah holds the key to the Qur’anic explanation of the ‘Signs of the Last Hour’. The blessed Prophet asked believers to recite the first ten verses of the Surah for protection from the tests and trials (Fitnah) of Dajjal the false Messiah, and it was in this Surah that the Quran first introduced and explained the subject of Gog and Magog.

It is quite significant that this Surah commenced with a verse directing attention to a people who declared that Allah Most High took unto himself a son:

Furthermore, (this divine writ is meant) to warn all those who assert, “Allah has taken unto Himself a son.” (Qur’ān, al-Kahf, 18:4)

The Surah then proceeded to narrate the story in which some young men with faith in their hearts (and who were thus not afraid to grow their beards) fled from enemies who were waging war on Islam. Those enemies worshipped gods other than Allah Most High. Today’s modern world that wages war on Islam is comprised of precisely such people. They are Dajjal’s peoples and they seize such young and ardent Muslims and subject them to states’ sponsored terrorism/torture in places such as Guantanamo, the US military base in Cuba. Those young men in Surah al-Kahf fled for safety to a cave. They acted in that way in order to preserve faith in Allah Most High. They then prayed to Allah for help. Allah Most High then put them to sleep and they slept for 300 years. Divine intervention saved the youths from harm. The Sūrah went on to establish a link between this story and the Divine warning (Wa‘d) of a terrible age of trials and tribulations (i.e. the age of Fitan) that was to come. When that age arrives it would witness the continuous unfolding of Signs of the Last Hour (Sā‘ah):

“And in this way have We drawn attention to their story, so that they (i.e. mankind) might know (whenever this subject is studied or discussed) that Allah’s warning (concerning an age to come that would be one of great trials and tribulations) is true, and that there can be no doubt as to (the coming of) the Last Hour . . .” (Qur’ān, al-Kahf, 18:21)

That age of Fitan concerning which both Allah Most High and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) had warned has already arrived! Muslims around the world are now targeted and terrorized by a ‘war on terror’ — mearly a repetition of that ‘war on Islam’ described in the Surah. The story helps our readers to recognize the reality of that war to be a ‘Sign’ of the ‘Last Hour’. The Sūrah helps us to recognise those ‘people of Dajjal’ who are now waging war on Islam to be Gog and Magog. They are a people who declare that Allah Most High took unto Himself a son!

In order to survive that war on Islam with faith intact, Muslims would have to follow the example of the youth in Sūrah al-Kahf. They responded to war on Islam at that time by avoiding a head-on confrontation with that evil storm. Rather they opted for strategic withdrawal and sought refuge in a cave.

Today’s war on Islam would constantly intensify until an evil messianic Israeli political economic financial and, of course, military dictatorship is eventually imposed upon the whole world. But Israel must first wage a big war or wars. That war could involve a US/ Indian attack on Pakistan’s nuclear plants simultaneous with an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear installations. It is possible that nuclear weapons would be used in those attacks.

When big wars succeed in eliminating all such obstacles, a universal dictatorship would then be successfully imposed upon all of mankind. At that time, the world would witness such oppression that Muslims would eventually have to follow the same strategy of strategic withdrawal from the path of the evil Gog and Magog storm while retreating to places like the remote countryside. The blessed Prophet anticipated the advent of precisely such a time and advised as follows:

Narrated Abū Sa'īd Al-Khudri: Allah's Messenger said, "There will come a time when the best property of a Muslim will be sheep which he will take to the tops of mountains and the places of rainfall so as to flee with his religion from trials and afflictions (i.e. Fitan).” (Sahīh Bukhāri)

It is only in such remote communities that freedom would exist in which young Muslims can be nurtured into men and women with backbones made of iron and steel. Only such Muslims would continuously resist oppression. Only they would refuse to submit to and make peace with an evil messianic Israeli dictatorship that continues to oppress innocent believers and to hold on to the blood-stained fruits of its oppression in the Holy Land in particular.

Fourteen hundred years ago Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) of Arabia, who could neither read nor write and who never travelled out of his native Arabia except for two business trips to Damascus, prophesied very strange things that would eventually happen in the world. He explained that they would be ‘Signs of the Last Hour’. He prophesied, for example:

“Women would dress like men”. They now dress with jackets and trousers and even a tie in ‘working clothes’ that are quite masculine. A woman who has worked in Trinidad’s Hilton Hotel (managed by a Muslim) for fourteen years and was recognized for her good work, was recently consigned to the ‘dog house’ because she resisted a new uniform requiring her to dress like a man, tie and all! Women now wear ‘blue jeans’ that appear to be an exact replica of men’s trousers. They do so in consequence of a modern feminist revolution master-minded by Dajjāl the false Messiah. He misled them into compromising their basic functional role in society as wives and mothers while seeking to assume the functional role of men instead. As consequences so many of the young have grown up with part-time mothers and that has been something very grievous to them. Some women also dress like men projecting masculinity, sometimes attracting other women and creating opportunity for the establishment of lesbian sexual relationships;

“Women would be dressed and would yet be naked”. Nakedness in dress has now become commonplace amongst women influenced by Dajjāl’s modern feminist revolution. Tight-fitting clothing left nothing for the imagination since the ‘feminine assets’ were on display. The natural consequence of this feminine nakedness has been a sexual revolution that eventually made sex as freely available as sunshine. Marriage and marital vows constituted an obstacle to such ‘sunshine sex’. As a consequence the institution of marriage was attacked in such a way that it is now likely to eventually disappear. Sexual promiscuity and the attack on marriage, in turn, wreaked havoc on the institution of the family and is leading inevitably to the collapse of society. Whoever lowers his gaze from what Allah has forbidden, may Allah give his inner sight abundant light. Āmīn.

“Men would dress like women”. A man cannot dress as a woman and yet keep a beard on his face. The disappearance of the beard from the face of the male that has already taken place in modern Western civilization, and has already impacted on the rest of the world of men, makes the eventual fulfilment of this amazing prophecy connected to Dajjāl now possible. The Saudi ‘apology for a beard’ made its appearance in the heartland of Islam, only to be rivaled by Shuyukh of Al-Azhar University, Islam’s famous institution of higher Islamic learning, who shaved off their beards completely. It is almost certain that a man would want to dress like a woman so that he could attract other men.

Hence prevalence of homosexuality would be a Sign of the Last Hour. Already the so-called democratic Western world is shamelessly imposing its perverted homosexual agenda upon schools.  It thus appears that a reconstruction and redefinition of the male and female conduct and roles in sexual relations as well as in society, as a prelude to the transformation of society, is a necessary corollary of Dajjāl’s modern feminist revolution;

“People would have sexual intercourse in public like donkeys”. Widespread pornography with explicit sexual intercourse now publicly available just a click away on the main Yahoo and Hotmail webpage banners on the internet, on cable television and in video shops at street corners in cities around the world did not appear by accident. Rather it represents dramatic fulfillment of this prophecy. The prophecy also indicates that a time would come when people who are under the control of Dajjāl would prefer to engage in sex in public rather than in private. Sexual intercourse in places like public parks or in motor cars etc., is already taking place in major cities of the modern secular Euro-Western world in fulfilment of this prophecy. It should not be long before Bombay, Dubai, Karachi, Jakarta, Ankara, etc., would also be inundated with pornography and the youth of these places as well, would join in the ‘fun’. It is also possible that diabolically clever genetic re-engineering of food and drink as well as hormonal drugs (e.g., Viagra) can explain the creation of uncontrollable sexual appetite;

“A slave woman would give birth to her mistress”. This indicates that a form of slavery would occur at the end of history in which the wombs of women enslaved in permanent poverty and destitution would become factories to bear babies for (mostly upper and middle class) women rendered infertile in consequence of Dajjāl’s feminist revolution. That Ribā-based economy in which money is lent on interest and bogus and utterly fraudulent non-redeemable paper-currencies constantly lose value, has already imprisoned the masses in permanent and ever-increasing poverty, while establishing permanently wealthy ruling elites whose wealth constantly increase. The Ribā economy originated in modern Western civilization and has already trapped all of mankind in its poisonous embrace.

In addition, Dajjāl’s feminist revolution causes women to become infertile as they seek to assume the functional role of men in society and as a consequence, delay pregnancy until it is too late, hence the need to rent-a-womb (i.e. a surrogate mother). The poor surrogate mother is paid for her services after the baby is born and she then returns to slavery while her daughter joins the slave-master class that rules over the slaves, hence a slave woman gives birth to her mistress;

“Bare-footed shepherds would compete with each other in the construction of lofty buildings” Already the rest of the world is faithfully following the Manhattan model of skyscrapers. They do so with dogmatic conviction that tall buildings are a symbol of progress and a source of pride. They believe that tall buildings convey a message to the world that non-Europeans, with their ‘Petronas’ twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, the ‘Songdo Incheon’ tower in Seoul, the ‘Burj’ in Dubai, etc., are now equal to the modern Euro-West as “developed societies” and are no longer a poor and backward people. In fact, such people have the intellectual acumen of “naked barefooted shepherds”. In the Arab world the Bedouins of the time of the blessed Prophet, who were sometimes described as “naked barefooted shepherds”, are today competing with each other in Kuwait, the Emirates, Dubai and Saudi Arabia in the height of their buildings in a literal fulfilment of the prophecy;

“The worst people would become leaders” and “the worst member of a tribe would become the leader of the tribe. People would obey and follow him, not because of respect for his leadership but because of fear of the evil he can do”.

“I see Harj falling on your rooftops like rain”, said the Prophet. They asked, “what is Harj?” He replied “killing and slaughter”. He went on to prophesy that this explosion of killing and slaughter that would overtake society in the Last Age would be so random and senseless that “the one who was killed would not know why he was killed, and the one who was killing would not know why he was killing”.

He also prophesied that each new day would be worse than the one which preceded it. Around the world today violent crimes have escalated and no government can control such crimes. However it is modern Western civilization and, in particular, USA, that has the evil distinction of being the greatest perpetrator of state-sponsored killing and slaughter.

Beside prophecies that have been mentioned above, there are many other prophecies of events that would take place constituting ‘Signs of the Last Hour’, but the most important are those pertaining to the destiny of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The blessed Prophet prophesied, for example, the miraculous return of the true Messiah, Jesus the son of the Virgin Mary (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon them both):

Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah's Messenger said, "By Him in Whose Hands is my soul, surely (Jesus) the son of Mary will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind justly (as a just ruler); he will break the cross and kill the pigs and there will be no more Jizyah (i.e. punitive taxation of a subject people who have been defeated in a just war and whose territory has been occupied). Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it and a single prostration to Allah (in prayer) will be better than the whole world and whatever is in it."

Abu Hurairah added "If you wish, you can recite (this verse of the Holy Book): -- And there is none of the people of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but must believe in him (i.e. Jesus, as the true Messiah, as a Messenger of Allah, and a human being) before his death. And on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them." (4.159)

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Warning of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

Source: Seerat-Un-Nabi (S.A.W) Baad Az Wissal-Un-Nabi (S.A.W), Part 1 by Abdul Majeed Siddiqui 
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