Thursday, 15 May 2014

Story of Kargil War by India...

Published in Daily Dunya on 14th & 15th May, 2014 respectively


  1. Pakistan ARMY Zindabad Nangi league or iss ka supporter INDIA ma ja ke rehoo

  2. I remember one of Najam Sethi's program “aapas ki baat” on account of Kargil anniversary on Geo TV some 18 or 20 months ago in which Mr. Najam Sethi (God curse him) was portraying a totally different story. He was making fun of PAK ARMY and referring Indian Army with much honour. He was telling every thing in contrast what Mr. Munir Baloch has expressed in his article. I am not watching Geo T.V from that day although I am a lay man but I easily understood this bizarre man, Mr. Najam Sethi’s intention on his program.

    1. najam sathi is a dog and his ropes r in hands of geo tv and nawaz league he is enjoing big posts helping his masters.

  3. I am all ready clear about this... this is most suitable for the dogs, who barks at General Musharaf and PAK ARMY and ISI.....